Ny. Siok

Ny. Siok brand are the flagship products known for its best-in-class quality and taste. Some of these products are specified below.

Krupuk Udang Istimewa

Krupuk UdangOur prawn crackers are made from fresh prawns. Very tasty and naturally healthy. It can be cook straight in cooking pan without the hassle of pre-drying and pre-cooking. Our prawn cracker can accommpanying you for leisure time and good for all ages.




Krupuk Udang Stik

Kerupuk Udang StikSimilar to the previously described product (Krupuk Udang Istimewa), we also manufacture it in french fries shape to make it more enjoyable for snacking.




Krupuk Ikan Istimewa

Kerupuk IkanMade from real fresh fish, this cracker is manufactured to satisfy your craving for the soft taste of fish meat in crispy form.




Belinjo Udang

Belinjo UdangMade from thinly grinded belinjo fruit layered with prawn seasoning. Sweet in taste and very crispy.





Petis Udang

Petis Udang Ny. SiokCondiment made from prawn extract. Usually mixed together with other seasoning to bring strong taste of prawn in many cookings.




Terasi Udang

Terasi UdangCondiment made from prawn extract. Usually mixed together with different sauces to bring in a very tasty prawn flavor.



Terasi Udang Matang

Terasi Udang MatangSimilar to the previously described Terasi Udang, this one is already pre-cooked, so you don’t have to bear the hassle of pre-processing it.








Abon Sapi

Abon Sapi Ny. SiokMade from grinded meat, processed through flavorings and drying. Can be used as convenience source of meat in different situations, such as sandwich, or simply added to plain rice.






Dendeng Sapi

Dendeng Sapi Ny. SiokBeef jerky with authentic Indonesian spices, making it sweet and tasty. It has a soft texture and easy-to-cook.

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